NEW COVID-19 cases in the Valencian Community are continuing to go down on the indicative week-to-week basis according to figures released tonight(March 4) by the regional health ministry.

489 new infections were reported today compared to 612 cases on February 25, though the total is 76 more than yesterday.

The downward infection trend is continuing with lower daily figures being reported than over a large part of last August.

28 people fatalities were reported today compared to 49 deaths a week ago.

There have now been 6,802 coronavirus-related deaths in the Valencian Community.

Hospitalisations are maintaining their drop after going below the 1,000 mark yesterday.

Admissions now stand at 920, a fall of 55 since Wednesday, and 347 less than on February 25.

The admissions total is over two-thirds lower than three weeks ago.

There are 228 ICU patients, ten less since yesterday and 67 fewer over a week.

Another encouraging sign of pandemic infections being brought under control is that just eight new outbreaks have been reported in the region over the last 24 hours.

The Valencian government are not expected to make any dramatic changes to their current set of restrictions this side of the Easter holiday.

President Ximo Puig says he has every intention of keeping the regional border closure and the 10.00 pm curfew in place until the week after Easter, in addition to limitations on the number of people that can get together.

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