LATEST COVID-19 infection figures from the Valencian regional health ministry have recorded another week-to-week fall today(March 12).

310 new cases have been reported, compared to 539 on March 5, but a marginal rise of ten on yesterday’s total.

The major downward push continues with daily reports this week each being well below 400 cases, compared to being mostly in the 400 to 500 range the previous week.

A massive comparison is that 6,130 new cases were reported five weeks ago on February 5 compared to just 310 today.

Another boost is that death rates are falling appreciably with just 11 reported today, compared to 23 yesterday and 34 a week earlier on March 5.

The pandemic death toll now stands at 6,983, which means the 7,000 barrier is likely to be passed over the weekend.

Hospital admissions recorded another daily fall to 639, which is 33 less than yesterday and a drop of 218 over a week.

Patients in intensive care now number 176, two fewer than on Thursday, and a drop of 51 on a week-to-week basis, which was exactly the same weekly fall recorded on March 5..

Just seven new outbreaks were reported in the Valencian Community since yesterday.

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