GAMING businesses say that their two-month closure is affecting the future viability of 133 Valencia region companies.

The claim comes from the Business Council of Gaming (CeJuego) who have demanded the reopening of gambling establishments in the Valencian Community, which has the lowest coronavirus infections rates in Spain.

They were shutdown by the government in late January as part of their COVID-19 curbs, and though there has been a limited return for the hospitality sector from the start of March, that has not been applied to gaming businesses.

CeJuego say the closure has cost their members €129 million and that 7,000 jobs are on the line:

Last week the Valencian Superior Court rejected a legal bid for gaming rooms to reopen as judges ruled that health safety could not be guaranteed.

In a statement, CeJuego said:’ “The Valencian Community is the only Spanish region where the rooms remain closed and we want to know what criteria is being used by the government to keep them shut.”

“We introduced extra health and safety measures after the COVID crisis started ranging from capacity limits to enforcing social distancing and improving ventilation,” they added.

CeJuego’s CEO, Alejandro Landaluce commented: “There are no health figures that justify restricting the rights and freedoms of companies and workers in a single sector throughout the Valencian Community.”

“The rule has forced bingo halls, casinos and gambling rooms to remain completely closed without the government offering any kind of alternative.”

Landaluce says the shutdown will also impact on the regional government tax coffers as they have already lost €26.3 million in revenue.

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