A WELL-known chef from the coastal town of Torre del Mar has scaled new heights to cook up some delicious food on a mountain top, all in the name of charity.

Roberto Soler, director of the Sabores Torre del Mar cooking school scaled La Maroma, the highest peak in the province of Malaga to cook a two course meal to raise awareness for the problem of diabetes across the province.

Soler scaled the 2,066 metre mountain with a team of walkers who helped carry up supplies and cooking equipment from the village of Canillas de Aceitunas to the Torre at the summit.

The event was held in conjunction with the Spanish Diabetic Federation and the Diputacion de Axarquia and was organised by the Torre del Mar Running Club, who use the peak as a regular training route.

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Roberto Soler cooking up a storm at the summit of La Maroma

Whilst at the top, Soler cooked up a gourmet meal using all local ingredients, pairing it with an award winning local Zumbral wine.

On the menu was avocado tartar with raisins, prawns and pitayas, whilst for dessert, the local delicacy of Algarrobo cake with mango ice cream.

Rafael Sanchez, president of Playas de Torre del Mar praised Soler and the whole team for making the event happen.

“We hope with this event that the people watching are made aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and that here in Axarquia, we have an abundance of healthy produce right on our doorstep.” said Sanchez.

Soler also wanted to extend his thanks to all the local producers that donated ingredients for the meal, as well as all the orgaisations that were involved.

“We hope to organise further events in the future and we have some exciting plans coming up to help raise awareness for a healthy lifestyle and the incredibly diverse and fresh produce that come from our great region.” said Jose Acosta, president of the Playas de Torre del Mar association.

It is estimated that over 9% of Spain suffers from type one diabetes, according to 2019 figures from the Index Mundi, with that figure on a steady increase year on year since 2010.

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