POLICE in the northern region of Granada city are on the hunt for the culprit of a growing number of cases of wild birds found dead with their legs bound by zip ties.

Residents of Granada have been reporting more and more cases of birds found dead with their legs tied together, sometimes amputated, causing the birds to bleed to death.

The main target for the sickening attacks are pigeons, but numerous sparrows and other songbirds have also been found.

The Vegas del Genil animal protection association have stepped in to denounce the plague of cruelty and are working with Seprona to try to narrow down the individuals responsible.

“We are looking for a killer of birds, a professional at mistreating animals,” said Latifa Moutaouakil, director at the Vega del Genil association.

“We have received many cases of birds being bound by zip ties from local residents, sometimes the bird can be saved but more times than not the damage to their legs is too severe.”

Seprona have urged anyone in the area that sees a bird in this situation to contact them immediately in order to better try to establish a pattern and potentially an ID on the suspect.

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