Gibraltar is getting ready to host more UK tourists than ever before when the ban on travelling abroad is lifted on May 17.

Experts believe the UK could use a traffic light system to rate countries that have the lowest infections and can be visited from mid-May.

With active cases now at seven in Gibraltar and no-one with the virus in hospital or elderly nursing homes for the last two weeks, COVID-19 is no longer the threat it once was.

Almost the whole population of over 32,000 people have taken their vaccinations too so it is less likely that there will be another outbreak.

All these factors point to Gibraltar being placed on the green list, although its close proximity to Spain could be a problem.

The only other holiday destination in Europe could be Malta while some Caribbean islands could be on the green list too.

Vaccination passports, quarantines and testing could still be mandatory despite the lowering of restrictions.

Until May 17 people taking a flight abroad without a valid reason could be fined £5,000.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson could announce the staged lifting of holiday restrictions on April 5.

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