Today, an essay is one of the most common assignments written in college and universities. It is performed by students of different specialties and courses because during writing the person learns to work independently with the textbook, periodicals, monographs, reference, and other teaching aids, in particular, to select, analyze and use the source. It is important not only to analyze the issue but also to characterize own vision of the problem, own attitude to it. Particular attention is paid to evaluative judgments, which should be contained in the introduction and conclusions of the work.

In general, the essay must meet the requirements for scientific work. The student should:

  • Clearly and consistently present materials;
  • Provide precise formulations of the concepts considered in the essay;
  • Give convincing arguments about own opinion;
  • Justify the conclusions;
  • Make a list of used sources in accordance with the requirements.

Peculiarities of Writing the Structural Parts of A+ Essay

The main structural parts of the essay include the following: introduction, main part, conclusion, bibliography. In the introduction, the author reveals the relevance of the chosen topic and justifies the need for its implementation. The main part of the essay reveals the essence of the topic. It may comprise several paragraphs, which include:

  • Review of literature sources, which covers the history of the study of the issue and contains brief generalizations;
  • Analysis of the researched problem. Here, as a rule, the arguments of the author are represented.

The essay is devoted to a narrow selected research topic, so the author needs to be limited to consideration of the chosen subject, instead of all problem as a whole. The text must meet the following requirements:

  • The author uses complete and reliable information with reference to literature sources and critically evaluates the information provided;
  • Must contain logical and consistent execution of the material;
  • Have compositional integrity;
  • Conclusions must be substantiated;
  • The material should be clear and logical in accordance with the norms of literary language.

Conclusions in the text are placed after the essence of the essay. They are a summary of the results of the study and should be presented clearly and concisely. In the conclusions, the author briefly covers the essence of the considered research topic.

The list of used sources is provided on a separate page and is a set of bibliographic information about the used documents or parts of documents, which the author provides according to certain requirements and which are sufficient to characterize and identify the publication.

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