POLICE have arrested a total of 10 people for their involvement in the shooting of a DJ at a house party on a luxury urbanisation in Marbella last month.

On March 29, during an illegal house party on the Guadalmina Alta urbanisation, a 40-year-old DJ was shot and killed by a stray bullet.

48 hours after the incident, the two men responsible for the shooting, a 30-year-old German man and a 28-year-old accomplice were arrested at Malaga airport attempting to flee the country.

Since then, police have continued investigations to determine the contributing factors into the fatal shooting, leading to eight further arrests and details of the tense evening coming to light.

Among the arrests are the DJ’s bodyguard and three security personnel, his partner (also a DJ), and various other party goers directly related to the shooting.

Of the arrests, five were Spaniards aged between 35 and 47-years-old, a 53-year-old from the Dominican Republic, another German man and a 34-year-old Iraqi.

According to reports of the night, made public yesterday, tensions ran high at the party, with the alleged killer threatening the DJ shortly before the incident for not playing the right sort of music.

The man would return to his table in a neighbouring room with other guests before firing two shots into the ceiling.

The bullet would ricochet and strike the DJ in the neck through the wall, killing him almost instantly.

Immediately after the shooting, all party goers fled the scene, including the shooter who fled in a vehicle adorned with the badge of a local motorcycle gang, a key factor in identifying the perpetrator.

The two men responsible are currently being held on charges of homicide, the illegal possession of weapons and enabling, while the remaining eight detainees are being charged with abandonment and omission of the duty of relief, a crime in Spain related to not helping the victim.

On top of the existing charges, all known party attendees are being sanctioned for not obeying COVID-19 safety regulations.


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