MENTAL health problems and drug use have seen an incline across Spain as people struggle to deal with economic stresses and loneliness brought on by the pandemic. 

Data collected by the European Health Survey and released by the National Statistics Institute revealed that the number of people struggling with their mental health across Spain had risen by  3% since the last Health Survey was published in 2014. 

And while the percentage of people struggling to fall asleep has increased by 2% the number of people complaining of ‘feeling tired’ dropped by 5% as millions started to work from home 

‘Lack of appetite’ and ‘excessive food intake’ was also down by 1% and the consumption of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish has increased.

Meanwhile  5% of the respondents reported a reduction in the consumption of soft drinks. 

Intake of fast food has also fallen, albeit by just over 1%. 

In Andalusia, 85.5% of the people consulted received medical attention in the last 12 months, two points below the national average.

Some 6.2% had to be hospitalised. 20,7% received emergency care.

Up to 42.7% of Andalusians went to the dentist, 6,5% less than the Spanish average.


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