POLLUTION in waters around the Vega Baja towns of Rojales and Guardamar del Segura halted irrigation last week.

The Water Courts of Rojales and Guardamar del Segura questioned a discharge of bluish waters throughout the area.


Local water company CHS (Segura Hydrographic Confederation) was denounced because of  the intense blue waters in their irrigation systems.

The pollution was discovered at 2 pm on Friday, May 28, in a dyke that takes the water directly from the Segura.

No traces of the discharge were found in the river, leaving authorities to suspect that the blue waters were discharged directly into the ditch itself, revealed the Water Judge and Mayor of Rojales, Antonio Pérez.

Pérez, together with the major water trustees of Rojales and Guardamar, Terencio Huertas and Antonio Martínez respectively, toured various farms of both municipalities with Guardia Civil and the CHS themselves.


Water samples were taken for analysis, in an attempt to locate the source of the pollution, and also to determine the level of toxicity and possible harm to crops.

Although irrigation to the area was stopped for the afternoon, flow commenced again over the weekend.

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