A 43-YEAR-OLD man was shot dead in a squat in Manises (Valencia) last night (Monday May 31).

Identified only as Eduardo, the victim sustained one fatal shotgun wound to the chest at around 9.30 pm, killing him on the spot.

The National Police have launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the attack, which took place inside an illegally occupied two-storey building on Torrent street.   

Eduardo had reportedly been taken in by an elderly man called Ramon and an underage boy and girl, who are brother and sister and whom the man was looking after temporarily.

All three were taken in for questioning as witnesses of the shooting, although none of them claimed to know the killer or the reason for the attack.

Squatter shot National Police

It seems the victim and his murderer knew each other previously and had some kind of argument.

Immediately after the shooting, a call was put through to the 112 emergency number and several patrol cars rushed to the scene while other units set up a search operation to locate the killer.

Officers with helmets and shields checked the upper storey and the terrace of the house in case the gunman could have been hiding there while still armed.

A search for the murder weapon in the surrounding areas proved unfruitful while the body of Eduardo was taken away for an autopsy.

The investigation continues. 


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