By Elena Goçmen Rueda

A 64-year-old Spanish man has been arrested in Malaga for selling hashish wrapped as sweets to schoolchildren for €1 each.

Police say he specialised in selling doses of hashish at €1 to make drugs ‘more accessible’ to minors. 

National police officers started the investigation as part of an operation to improve security at schools.

They noticed youngsters making repeated trips to a home in Portada Alta during school breaks. 

Hashish wrapped as sweets being ‘more accesible‘ to minors

Once they identified who was living in the property they realised that he was a drugs pusher.

Officers stopped youngsters – including schoolchildren – as they left the property and found the hashish disguised as ‘caramelitos.

Theory then got a court warrant to search the house where they found 50 grams of hashish in single doses, €22 and various documents. 

The arrested man has been handed into the custody of the courts.


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