THREE brothers have been arrested in Valencia on suspicion of murdering a neighbour with machetes.

The attack took place in the conflictive La Esperanza-Virgen de los Desamparados district of Valencia city yesterday afternoon (Thursday June 24).

Reports suggest that an argument erupted when 41-year-old Edgar, said to be a problematic neighbour who had only moved into a block of flats in the area several weeks ago, threw out a collection of antiques that the brothers had left momentarily in the hallway.

It appears the suspected killers made a living selling antique objects at local markets and had left their stock at the entrance of the block ready to load into the van.

The victim then appeared on the scene and, according to witnesses, threw the objects out onto the street ‘in a very rude way’, triggering a fierce argument with the three suspects, aged 40, 38 and 27.

Machete murder Valencia arrest

Exactly what happened next is still unclear, but eventually the National Police were called and the officers found Edgar lying in a pool of blood with eight deep wounds, including two to the head, supposedly caused by two machetes.

Neighbours report that the victim regularly caused trouble in the block, making indecent comments to young women – including the daughters of the three suspects -, playing loud music and shouting at all hours.

Several witnesses claim the brothers acted in self-defence, as one of them was admitted to hospital also with deep cuts as at least one of the weapons was said to have been wielded by the victim.

The investigation continues and the suspects were taken in for questioning.


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