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Suspect in deadly Algeciras church attack told police he had been ‘chosen’ by Allah 

THE SUSPECTED jihadist who killed a church assistant and injured several others in the southern Spanish city of Algeciras in January told police officers...

Spain’s far-right Vox uses church attacks in Algeciras to promote anti-immigration messages

LEADERS of Spain’s far-right Vox party have used the murder of a church assistant on Wednesday night in the southern city of Algeciras to...

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Author’ of tweet that predicted horror Algeciras machete attack comes forward

A man claiming to be the ‘author’ of a shock tweet that predicted a fatal machete attack in Algeciras in southern Spain hours before...

Twitter hate page predicted horror machete attack in Algeciras with mystery tweet

Security forces are investigating an Algeciras hate page on Twitter after it shockingly published a tweet which pre-empted the horrific machete attack that occurred...

One dead, several injured in suspected jihadist attack against two catholic churches in Spain’s Algeciras

TWO Catholic churches have been victims of suspected jihadist attacks, resulting in one person killed and one seriously injured. National authorities have said they are...

Jealous paranoid boyfriend jailed for 32 years after brutally abusing and torturing woman in Spain’s Valencia region

A man has been jailed for 32 years after putting his girlfriend through three months of extreme abuse at their home in Castellon in...

MACHETE MURDER: Three brothers in Spain’s Valencia arrested for hacking a neighbour to death

The officers found Edgar lying in a pool of blood with eight deep wounds, including two to the head, supposedly caused by two machetes.

Man who brandished ‘loaded gun’ in hospital arrested before police find knives, crossbow and pistols at his home near...

Police held the man on illegal weapon charges after he had originally tried to hide the gun, which a spokesperson said was ‘ready for use.’

WATCH: Policeman dives off Madrid fountain to tackle man wielding machete

In a video, shared by the Jupol police union, seven officers can be seen surrounding the man, who stood in a fountain waving the large knife

WATCH: Manhunt for machete attacker captured hacking defenseless neighbour as he bled out on the ground in Spain THIS is the shocking moment a young man was hacked by a machete-wielding attacker in Spain.  The clip, obtained by El Pais, shows a young...





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