MORE than 17million people in Spain are now fully vaccinated as hopes grow of a return to normal life after coronavirus. 

Figures released on Wednesday showed that 17,519,587 people in Spain have received both doses of a vaccine after 714,957 were jabbed in the latest 24-hour period. More than 25million people have been given at least one dose.

More than 85% of those over 40 have received at least one vaccine and 52.2% have completed a full course of vaccination.  There are 8.8 million people in Spain aged 40-years and over who have received one jab and 4 million who have not received any.

The success of the vaccine rollout, with 17million people vaccinated by the end of June, means the Spanish government are well on their way to ensuring 70% of the population receive both jabs by September 1. 

The Ministry of Health admitted, however, that there had been a spike in cases among young people.  The Spanish government said on Monday that end-of-year student holidays to Mallorca are responsible for  leaving more than 1,000 people infected nationwide with Covid-19 and thousands more quarantined.

The health ministry reported Monday that at least 1,167 people have been infected and 4,796 have been forced to quarantine.

Fernando Simon, the government’s chief epidemiologist, called the trips to Mallorca the “ideal breeding ground to facilitate a spread with multiple origins and big events without control”.

Spain is scrambling to vaccinate as many people as possible so that all youngsters between the ages of 12 and 17 receive both jabs before returning to school at the end of summer.


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