ORIHUELA is asking local residents to apply for sole use of one of their 28 municipal eco gardens.

Huertos Urbanos Foto

The city council published guidelines on Thursday, July 8, on how locals can apply for the plots.

They are all meant for the leisure and recreation of citizens, with a focus on organic farming for the immediate family only.

No commercial growing is allowed, and strict criteria must be met from each applicant.

The Urban Garden area is on a 3,000m2 plot at Soto del Río I6, to the west of Orihuela.

Given its locality to the Segura river, authorisation was sought and granted by the Segura Hydrographic Confederation.

Dámaso Aparicio’s Department of the Environment has reportedly made “significant investments” to provide maintenance and management of the area, as well as training.

Citizens have ten days to submit their application via the website HERE

In order to apply the applicant must meet certain conditions:

  • Being on the Orihuela padron
  • Having the physical capacity to farm their land
  • Must be up to date with local taxes
  • Only grow vegetables, flowers and aromatic plants
  • Not having rustic properties elsewhere
  • Respecting the environment, regarding pesticides and fertilisers etc.

Aparicio invites anyone who is interested in having their own urban garden to submit their request and discover the advantages of organic farming. 

If more information is needed, just email environment@orihuela.es

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