A MOTHER is standing trial in Valencia this week for allegedly trying to kill her own teenage daughter after she discovered that the victim was having sex with her stepfather.

The brutal attack took place in the family home in Aldaia (Valencia Province) on June 25, 2018, when the 37-year-old accused reportedly took a large kitchen knife and repeatedly stabbed her 16-year-old daughter during an argument over the relationship between the victim and the defendant’s partner.

The accused told the court yesterday that her daughter had said the mother was ‘too old’ to satisfy a man, unlike the 16-year-old.

At this point the accused admits to have ‘reacted badly and lost control’, stabbing her daughter in the back and neck inflicting severe injuries that required emergency surgery.

Days before the near-fatal attack, the mother had reported her own partner to the police for allegedly sexually abusing the girl since she was 15 years old.

At that point the teenager left home and went to live with an aunt for a week, until the relative asked the mother to take her back when the stepfather continued harassing the girl.

Attempted Murder Mother And Daughter Valencia
Photo by PxHere

Upon returning home, mother and daughter began an argument while the accused’s younger daughter, aged 12 at the time, was playing with a tablet in the next room.

It was the child who walked into the kitchen and discovered her stepsister lying in a pool of blood with her mother standing over the victim holding a large knife.

The mother then called the police, confessing the attack when the officers arrived but claiming to have tried to plug her daughter’s wounds with a piece of cloth, although investigating officers found no evidence of this.

The victim – now aged 19 – this week refused to testify against her mother and dropped the accusation, although the charges were maintained by the prosecution given the severity of the case.

The mother is facing up to 13 years in prison for attempted murder with the aggravating circumstance of being related to the victim.

Meanwhile, her partner was arrested and charged with sexual abuse of a minor.



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