LAST week, the GHA arranged two training sessions for clinical professionals following the implementation of the new abortion law, which is expected to begin this month.

The GHA Department of Gynaecology at St Bernard’s Hospital will be the sole provider of this service in Gibraltar and specifically created the sessions to ensure healthcare workers understand the new system and what will be available to people, while ensuring the overall health of the patient. 

521.1 2021
Consultant gynaecologist Chandrika Balachandar opened the training on Friday

Chandrika Balachandar, a consultant gynaecologist who held one of the training sessions, said: “The Gynaecology Department is humbled to have been given the responsibility to lead on this important and sensitive issue and to be trusted to be the sole provider of abortion services in Gibraltar. 

“The service, once it commences, will give a practical application to the result of the abortion referendum allowing, in particular, for a woman to choose to terminate a pregnancy up to twelve weeks gestation. After 12 weeks, a woman can only have an abortion in certain limited circumstances. Outside of an emergency situation, two doctors will have to agree in good faith that the abortion is necessary.

“It must be noted that the earlier an abortion is carried out, the simpler and safer it will be and that getting support early on will also give the woman more time to make a decision if one is unsure whether to have an abortion or not once all the options are explained to her.”


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