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Insomnia is a condition in which an individual is unable to fall asleep or remain asleep at night, as a result of experiencing discomfort and non-restorative sleep patterns. Insomnia is very common in the modern world. The causes of Insomnia may be various, but the effects are more or less the same, and destructive in nature. A few of its effects include low mood, lack of energy to do things, and ability to manage daily life tasks.

Clearly, Insomnia is not good for our normal functioning, but what can we do about it? Well, two of the most powerful weapons for fighting Insomnia are a comfortable bedroom and a reliable bedtime routine. When implemented together, both these weapons can be a strong repulsion to Insomnia. This article focuses on how to attain a comfortable bedroom and a reliable bedtime routine to help tackle Insomnia. So, let’s get started and explore how the bedroom can help tackle insomnia.

1. Comfortable Bedding

Having comfortable bedding means you have a comfortable mattress, blanket, pillows, and a bed itself. This is something that is very important because the quality of the bed directly influences sleep quality. Also, having a comfortable mattress helps reduce back pain, cold shoulders, and improve sleep quality. There are a number of websites for shopping for your bedding stuff online. One such site is Mela. You can get the best blankets, pillows and even eye masks from here, so do check it out!

2. Comfortable Sleeping Environment

The most important thing to fight Insomnia is to have a comfortable sleeping environment. It consists of the perfect lighting, temperature, and sound in the room, that would help you fall asleep. It is recommended to set the room temperature at a normal thermostat. The temperature should neither be too low nor too high. Moreover, the lighting in the room must be dimmed. You can get special lights from any Publix store. It won’t disappoint, trust me! Find out yourself and don’t forget to leave your review in the Publix Survey. In addition, your room must be far away from your TV room, so you may not hear any noises when it’s time to sleep.

3. Follow a Single Sleep Schedule

It is advised to follow a single sleep schedule and stick to it. This is because our bodies have a biological clock and our sleep-wake cycle depends on that. When we try to go against our set sleep schedule, the biological clock is disturbed, and we won’t be able to function properly. If you already have a disrupted sleep pattern, wake up early in the morning. Although you might feel a bit tired that day, you will be able to set a single sleep schedule later on.

4. Avoid Usage of Electronic Devices Before Bed

Turning off all the screens several hours before going to bed is the most important thing that will help you deal with Insomnia. Electronic screens are threats to our sleep because they emit blue light that causes alterations in our body’s melatonin production, resulting in sleeplessness.

5. Move Bedroom Clocks Out of View

Having bedroom clocks right in front of you can cause anxiety as you would be watching time and getting worried about it constantly. Therefore, it is suggested to hang a clock where you cannot see it directly when in bed. Furthermore, it is good to hang a clock that does not make any noise, so your sleep will not be interrupted.

6. Set Color Tone of the Bedroom that Comforts You

Not only does the bedding help improve sleep quality, but also the ambiance. When deciding the color scheme of your bedroom, make sure to consider the colors that you feel comfortable with. For instance, most people like softer normal colors. You can select your favorite color and incorporate it while setting your bedroom.

7. Improve Air Quality by Enabling Proper Ventilation

Last, but not least, take care of the air quality of your bedroom. It is not only important for having a good night’s sleep, but it also leaves a strong impact on your health. Make sure your bedroom has a proper ventilation system and fresh air constantly moves in. This helps get rid of tiny insects that escape into your room and thus prevent allergies. If you are allergic to dust in the air, you may consult your doctor and use an air purifier.

So these were a few tips and tricks to enhance the ambiance of your bedroom in order to improve the quality of sleep. We are playing a number of roles in our everyday life. We play the role of a home-maker, a child, a caretaker, an employee, a student, and/or others. Therefore, we have no choice but to compromise our health that is directly related to the quality of sleep. So make sure to follow these tips to get rid of insomnia.

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