STORMS are set to hit the Balearic Islands on Monday with alerts issued for electric storms and torrential rain over the next few days. 

The DANA, commonly referred to as a “gota fría” (cold drop), is expected to arrive on the island at 10.00pm, but Mallorca has already been put on the yellow alert since 1:00pm on Monday due to rainfall in the north, northeast and east of Mallorca. 

The slow-moving storm system caused by a mass of cold air hitting the hot air of the earth’s surface results in electric and thunder storms, heavy rain and often hail.

Tuesday is expected to be the worst day with state weather agency AEMET issuing orange alert for rain and yellow for storms. 

In the mountains on Mallorca, up to 70 litres of water per square meter is predicted to fall in just one hour and in a 12 hours a possible 140 litres could be recorded.

For the rest of the island, warnings have been issued for 50 litres of water to fall in just one hour and 100 litres in 12 hours.

In addition, temperatures will drop between 8º and 10º, with the maximum forecast being 20º.

From Wednesday the warning is scheduled to drop to a yellow level due to rains and storms and temperatures will rise to 26º-28º. 

The weather should start to settle by Thursday when the DANA moves away from Mallorca. It’s forecast to be cloudy and possibly rain, but the weather will improve throughout the day. 


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