VACCINATION rates have risen in the Valencian Community after the start-date for the COVID passport was announced by the regional government in late November.

The Ministry of Health says that the number of first doses administered in the last week of November was up by 74% compared to the first week of last month.

That coincided with the run-up to the launch of the government’s passport plan which started on Saturday.

Covid Passport In Use In Valencia, Spain 04 Dec 2021

7,524 doses were administered at mobile vaccination points in the region in the fourth week of November, compared to 4,331 in the first week.

A greater emphasis has been placed on using more mobile points to get more unjabbed people a vaccine shot, but the passport measure is also said to have boosted inoculation rates.

4.1 million people have now downloaded the EU COVID certificate in the Valencian Community.

Health Minister, Ana Barcelo, said this Monday that 38% of the downloads happened between December 1 and 4.

Over possible new restrictions, Ana Barcelo said: “Nothing more is planned because you have to maintain the measures that are in place, such as distancing and wearing a mask indoors even if you enter a place which uses the COVID certificate. These kind of measures work.”

Regional nightlife associations have sent letters of complaint to senior Valencia officials over ‘heavy-handed’ police visits to clubs and late bars over the weekend to check whether customers had COVID passports

The CEOH said officers arrived to ‘interrupt the activity’ of entertainment venues in an ‘absolutely inappropriate and unspeakable’ way.

The group said the behaviour was similar to the ‘police brigades of the Franco regime’.

Co-ordinated police checks in the region uncovered 49 people in premises without a COVID passport: 264 cases of masks not being worn; and 68 incidents of drug possession.



  1. What is happening to Spain? “The group said the behaviour was similar to the ‘police brigades of the Franco regime’.” What next: jackboots, batons, ‘show me your papers’, ‘thought correction camps’, mass graves? Unthinkable? Think again. Only a few weeks ago, those same police were protesting about the scrapping of the ‘gag law’ – ley mordaza – that currently protects them from having their brutal actions photographed and shown for every Spaniard to see. People need to wake up. Spain, along with several other areas of Europe with a dark past, is slipping back in time ninety years, and a large part of the population seems quite happy for it to happen… just like a large part were ninety years ago. Dictatorship anyone?

    Location : Spain

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