THE Valencian government has warned residents about a ‘bulo'(hoax) notice being posted on social media about COVID restrictions.

The official-looking advert announcing a curfew has been ‘mocked up` to look like notices previously issued by authorities in the region.

The bogus proclamation has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp and other platforms.

Some of its information is true like the mandatory wearing of masks outdoors which comes into force across Spain this Friday.

It also accurately refers to this week’s Superior Court approval of extending the use of COVID-19 passports in the Valencian Community.

The two truthful stories are at the top of the posting but then readers who believe they are getting accurate information are hit by two lies.

A bogus night-time curfew is mentioned along with an incorrect reference that no more than ten people are allowed to meet.

Hoaxers struck earlier in the year with news that vaccinations for people aged over 70 were available at a Denia youth centre on the Costa Blanca.

Around 150 people quickly formed a queue to get their first vaccine jab only to find out they had been fooled.


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