NINE Spaniards have been arrested for robbing people in the Levante Pier area of Alicante.

The Policia Nacional said the thieves, aged between 19 and 22, launched group assaults on targets who were mainly tourists.

The assailants were said to have ‘operated in a coordinated manner’.

Victims included groups of young people or even families.

One case saw a group of friends walking in the area at around 7.00 am on November 14.

They were subjected to shouts and threats from another group.

A female assailant then grabbed a young woman by her hair before punching and kicking her.

The attacker’s friends joined her and the group was dispersed by private security guards.

They ran off with a phone, cash, and jewellery belong to the victim.

In another instance, a foreign tourist told police about the mob descending on his family.

Two women initially assaulted his mother-in-law followed by up to nine men joining in the fracas.

The family party were surrounded and attacked as personal items were stolen and some of the assailants fled the scene in a car.

Security camera images enabled the Policia Nacional to identify nine people, eight of whom had prior criminal records.

Over €6,000 was stolen during their robberies.

The investigation remains open with further arrests not ruled out.


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