A four-week old baby has been put in an induced coma after suffering brain injuries compatible with abuse.

The boy’s parents, aged 20 and 21, have been arrested by the Valencia Guardia Civil.

The youngster was taken to Valencia General Hospital on January 1 after the couple phoned emergency services to say their son had ‘lost consciousness’.

An ambulance took the baby, born on December 5, to the paediatric ICU at the hospital.

Doctors detected bruising on the skull with injuries that occurred at different times, suggesting the boy may have suffered from abuse possibly caused by ‘shaking syndrome’.

That happens when a sudden movement of a newborn baby’s head potentially leads to irreversible brain damage.

Nevertheless the medical evidence is not yet definitive that any abuse did happen.

Both parents from the Horta Nord area of Valencia Province have been charged with causing injuries and mistreating the child.

They took advantage of their right to stay silent when they appeared in court on Tuesday.

They were bailed despite prosecution requests for them to be imprisoned, as the judge ruled that it wasn’t yet certain that they were responsible for the baby’s injuries.

They were also given a restraining order to stay away from their son.


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