A San Juan de Alicante man, 43, has been arrested for blackmailing an Alicante Province woman on a dating website.

The man forwarded private material featuring the teenager to his friends on the site.

He then demanded money from the woman in return for the deletion of the files.

Some of his online colleagues also tried to extort money from her.

The Guardia Civil detained the instigator who was sent to prison by an Orihuela judge.

Guardia Civil Arrest Suspect

Interpol have been notified to locate the non-Spanish resident online offenders.

The 18-year-old Spanish victim registered on the dating site in early 2020.

A few months later, a site user messaged her to say he had incriminating files which she had sent to him,

He demanded €2,000 to stop them being spread among his contacts.

She partially paid the ransom but the intimidation and threats continued to come from other website users who received the private files anyway.

The woman went to the Guardia Civil in October and officers discovered the man who distributed the personal material.

They are not ruling out the possibility that other women may have been extorted.


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