A BRITISH couple have appealed for the return of an engagement ring stolen from a rental car by thieves in Ibiza just an hour before a romantic proposal.

Laith Amini, 34, had gone to great lengths to prepare for the moment he would ask for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage while they were on holiday with friends on the Balearic Island of Ibiza.

He had consulted with his girlfriend’s family and designed a ring incorporating stones reset from a piece that had been passed down through generations and which he hid among luggage in the car until he was ready to pop the question on January 4.

But unfortunately, his romantic plans were scuppered when he and girlfriend Anita Kaushik, 29, returned to their rental car to discover it had been broken in and their belongings stolen.

Ibiza Couple
Laith Amini and Anita Kaushik got engaged after four years together. Photo: L Amini

“I had planned to get down on one knee and pop the question at Ibiza Stonehenge and then take her to a nearby restaurant where a group of our friends were waiting,” Amini told the Olive Press.

“I had carried around the ring in its box in my pocket all week but was constantly on edge that Anita would find it, so instead I hid it in a bag in the car and was going to retrieve it when I saw the car had been broken into.”

Kaushik found out about the proposal plan when she was told what had been stolen.

“It was heartbreaking having her find out that way, and spending the night in the police station rather than celebrating our engagement. I had to tell her that the ring had incorporated diamonds from earrings belonging to her late grandmother.”

“The good news is that I still popped the question and we are engaged, a €20 ring did the trick, but I would love to replace it with the one I had planned and designed for months,” admitted Amini. 

Appeal Poster

The couple, from Clapham in London, have made an appeal for the return of the unique piece of jewelry and are offering a €1,000 reward for its return with ‘no questions asked’.

“It has huge sentimental value to us and €1,000 is more than anyone would be able to get for it without authentification papers or proof of purchase,” explained Amini.

If you have information about the ring get in touch with newsdesk@theolivepress.es or direct with the couple on 0044 7738264095 or email laithamini1@gmail.com


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