ROJALES Local Police are investigating extensive vandalism at the area’s natural park of El Recorral.

The park serves the immediate town of Rojales and the largely British expat community of Ciudad Quesada.

Recorral 2
IMAGE: Rojales City Council

Damage and theft occurred at various points throughout the area popular with walkers from all over the region.

Recorral 1
IMAGE: Rojales City Council

These include numerous acts of graffiti on public toilets, other buildings, tables and on informative boards.

Numerous signs on environmental pathways were broken, and huge stones were thrown into one of the lagoons.

Legs were cut off some of the tables, presumably with a saw.

Following this, Local Police are intensifying surveillance in El Recorral to prevent this from happening again.

The Councillor for Natural Heritage, Inmaculada Chazarra, lamented: “It costs us a lot of money to maintain it.”

Recorral 3
IMAGE: Rojales City Council

She asked for citizen collaboration and that any case of such vandalism is immediately reported to the Local Police.

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