A CAR was reportedly spotted ‘driving the wrong way’ down one of Spain’s most treacherous roads before a man was traced and charged by road cops.

The incident occurred on January 11 when police on the Costa del Sol had deployed an anti-drug control at kilometer 367 of the A-7, close to La Mamola on the Granada coast. 

The alarm was raised after agents saw the driver of a black BMW car allegedly ‘slam on the brakes, turn around on the road and flee at high speed in the opposite direction of traffic.’ 

The vehicle was then seen travelled for around 8km towards the Castillo de Banos exit, where he momentarily left the highway to rejoin it and continue the journey towards Granada using the correct lanes.

Officers attempted to intercept the vehicle at the height of Castell de Ferro but were unsuccessful. 

The investigators asked the Traffic Control Center of Malaga for the license plates of all the vehicles driving on the highway at that time the incident occurred as well as CCTV footage. 

After studying these images, officers rushed to the Granada and traced the vehicle in question.

A man has been charged with dangerous driving and will appear in court. 


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