A British man took the law into his own hands after using a chainsaw to attack a man who he wrongly believed was a thief.

The business owner, 42, has been arrested in Rojales by the Guardia Civil.

He has been charged with assault and making serious threats.

The victim, a 20-year-old Spaniard, required 15 stitches and surgery on his nose.

The Brit had suffered a series of robberies at his business on an industrial estate in San Isidro.

On February 3, he saw a car with two people loitering around in the vicinity and believed that might be going to stage a break-in.

He got into his car and chased them down before blocking their way.

The Brit exited his vehicle and produced a fake gun as he threatened to kill the two occupants.

The simulated pistol with which he threatened two young people

He returned to his car and went to the boot to get a chainsaw, which he then poked through a passenger window before a struggle broke out.

One of the men in the vehicle suffered his nasal injury with the saw during the confrontation.

The aggressor left the scene before a routine Guardia Civil patrol from the Dolores barracks spotted the aftermath of the confrontation.

The British national was registered at several addresses but was eventually found and arrested at a friend’s home in Rojales.

He confessed to what he did and cooperated full with Guardia officers.

The businessman was bailed after an Orihuela court appearance.


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