POLICE are investigating a mystery corpse discovered ‘mummified’ within a homemade coffin in a rental property in the seaside resort of Duquesa on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

The body was found by cleaners sent to clear up a rental property in the Vistalmar Duquesa Norte urbanisation in Sabinillas on Friday, February 18.

They found a large homemade wooden box that was too heavy to move, so they opened it up to make the grim discovery.

Vistalmar Duquesa Norte
Vistalmar Duquesa Norte urbanisation (Image: Flickr)

Inside beneath a layer of sand was a body wrapped in plastic.

Police said it wasn’t clear whether the corpse, which ‘showed signs of mummification’, was that of a man or woman but said initial investigation suggested the death had taken place several  months ago.

Further study of the contents of the box and a post-mortem is being conducted by forensic services while the police are investigating the last tenant of the property who was a German.

They are also checking missing person reports in the hope of identifying the body.


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