A Torrevieja cocaine gang fell foul of the law after trying to conceal shipments of drug stashes in hidden car compartments.

Three people have been arrested by the Policia Nacional who had a patrol car rammed in a failed attempt to escape their clutches.

Four cars, three guns, a dagger, and €25,000 in cash were also seized along with a kilo of cocaine in two house searches in Torrevieja and Urbanova near Alicante.

Seized Weapons

A routine police stop saw a gang vehicle inspected with the discovery of11 kilos of cocaine hidden in a compartment in the car floor.

Another three kilos of cocaine was found in a second car behind the dashboard air ventilators.

One of the gang members tried to escape by ramming a police patrol car with three officers suffering minor injuries.

The Policia Nacional said the drug dealers frequently changed cars to avoid detection.

Vehicle ownerships were also put in the name of a third party in an attempt to maintain the trio’s anonymity.


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