A Valencia area man has picked up a €105,000 penalty for breaking Spain’s immigration laws.

The 52-year-old Pakistani national from Mislata was fined €525 each on 20 counts for allowing non-Spaniards to use one of his two home addresses on official forms.

The Policia Nacional in Mislata uncovered 94 cases of fictitious registration at his properties since 2019.

Three years ago, 20 people were registered as living in one of his flats at the same time.

It’s not known whether the owner charged for his illegal service.

One of the requirements for a new arrival in Spain is to regularise their status as soon possible.

That revolves around being registered with a place of residence.

The Policia Nacional say that immigrants who do not have a job or knowledge of the Spanish language are especially vulnerable to people who want to exploit them.

Unscrupulous property owners regard them as easy prey and register them at their addresses in what is regarded as a serious violation of immigration law.


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