A Gandia man, 66, abandoned his twin girls, aged 2, and his nine-year-old son, on a daily basis as he went to work.

The Policia Nacional have arrested the father on family neglect charges with the youngsters taken into care.

The man told officers that the children’s mother, a Polish national, left home six weeks earlier.

Police are trying to verify his claim and are looking for her.

He said he could not cope and that he even tried to hire a lawyer to pursue a charge of family abandonment against her.

The father worked in a Gandia area orchard most days between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm.

His son was left to look after the twins,

The family was known to local social services and a social worker dropped by on an unannounced home visit.

The front door was opened by the boy.

When asked about his parents, the child said he only lived with his father and that he was not at home.

The boy told her that his sisters were left ‘locked’ in separate rooms ‘so that they don’t escape’.

He was charged with making them breakfast and lunch, as well as bathing them every morning because his father ‘didn’t do it’.

The worker called the police who arrested the father.

He was bailed after appearing before a Gandia court.


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