THE FAMOUS San Isidro Murals have deteriorated over recent years because of council neglect, according to a local group.

The Municipal Group of the Popular Party has denounced the Orihuela’s Department of Culture in particular, blaming the murals’ abandonment due to “laziness” whilst its care and maintenance was their responsibility.

A statement today, May 3, read: “One of the jewels of our culture and our most recent history, thanks to the work our poet Miguel Hernández is not treated as he deserves.”

Their claim is that the department’s Mar Ezcurra, has “turned a blind eye (to the murals’ plight) so as not to upset future council partners..”

The statement concludes: “We regret the deplorable image that it offers to the thousands of people who have come to visit us since lockdown ended and, moreso, during Easter Week.”

Controversially, museum management ordered their closure over the same festive weekend.

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