A gang that brought over women from Columbia with promises of legal jobs in Spain, but used them instead as prostitutes, has been brought down by the Policia Nacional.

Eight women were freed during police raids in the Valencia area.

Five people have been arrested in Valencia Province, with three detentions in A Coruña and two in Zaragoza.

€21,450 in cash plus several mobiles phones and surveillance cameras have been seized.

The victims were lured to Spain via social networks with promised of well-paid and legal jobs.

Once they arrived, they found a different story and were forced to base themselves in Valencia area flats and to become sex workers.

Police started inquiries after a complaint was made about the gang which moved base to Valencia, after previously operating in A Coruña and Zaragoza.

The flats were fully equipped with video surveillance systems that allowed the gang to monitor and control the women.

They were forced to log all of the services they provided in notebooks, including the method of payment.

Their records along with collected cash had to be placed in envelopes with their names on them, which were then put into mailboxes that the gang had installed on flat block floor.

The criminals took a 40% commission to ensure the victims were financially beholden to them.

They also supplied drugs which the women would sell to clients.


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