THE world’s biggest liner, Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas, has docked in Palma, bringing with it 4,000 passengers.

The ship weighs 236,857 tonnes and is 362 metres long and 64 metres wide.

Along with the travellers, the cruise liner comes with a 2,300 person crew and carries a zipline as well as the highest slide in the sea.

Wonder of the Seas set sail for its maiden voyage in March 2022 from Florida in the US.

Wonder Of The Seas 2
The world’s biggest cruise liner has not been welcomed by everyone in Palma.
Photo: Wikipedia

She will return to Palma weekly through the cruising season.

But her visit has not been welcomed by everyone. 

The platform Against Mega-cruise says that having up to five cruise liners in port overwhelms the historic centre of Palma.

The platform against cruises has heavily criticised the visit of ‘Wonder of the seas’, which is the biggest cruise in the world.

The association has warned that having five cruises in a port saturates the historic centre of Palma.

“For three years we have been demanding that this type of tourism, which the city can no longer bear, be brought to a halt, but just when the season begins we see that the agreements are systematically breached,” said a spokesperson from the association.

The organisation Transport & Environment stated that Palma is the second most polluted city in Europe by cruises, after Barcelona.


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