FIVE people including two minors have been arrested after a brawl broke out in a Malaga beach bar.

Police were called to a bar in the El Palo neighbourhood of Malaga on Saturday May 14 after an argument turned violent. 

One person was stabbed and several more injured in the fight which reportedly stemmed from drinks being consumed in the beach bar that were purchased elsewhere.

The group reacted aggressively when staff confronted them over the drinks, and eventually left the premises. 

They then returned minutes later, some brandishing knives and others armed with cobblestones and sticks from a nearby construction site.

One member of staff was allegedly pushed and hit with a chair, while one of the accused smashed a bottle and waved it in a threatening manner. 

Those arrested were members of the same family from Granada who were caught by police as they were leaving the chiringuito via Avenida Salvador Allende. 

The attackers themselves were injured, reportedly by a group of friends in the chiringuito who knew martial arts who intervened on behalf of the staff.


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