VICTORIA Wright and her friendly team have been advising clients on the Costa Blanca for over 20 years.

They have recently expanded into new premises in the European Center, Moraira.

Having grown up in Spain and lived here for over 40 years, Victoria explained that navigating through the maze of Spanish bureaucracy can be very daunting, especially if you don’t speak the language.

Even if you do, it’s not just a case of knowing what you’re being asked to sign in any given transaction – it’s important to have the knowledge of whether it’s in your legal interest to sign.

Victoria’s background as an infant school teacher, before entering the legal profession, means that she can explain complex legal matters in a way that is easy to understand, and being a native English speaker means nothing gets lost in translation.

Alba 2
Alba have recently opened a new centre in Moraira. Photo: Alba Consultas

The team at Alba always looks for the solution, bypassing the obstacles.

Spanish rules don’t have to be so intimidating, like the recently implemented off-shore asset declaration. Just because you have to fill in a form does not mean you will necessarily have any tax liability at all, as the threshold for paying tax on offshore wealth is set at one million euros!

Most people are advised when they buy a property in Spain to make a new separate Will to cover their Spanish assets. But this is not necessarily the right approach.

Victoria explained: “Although I agree a Will should be in place, I recommend just one Will, drafted in dual language, to cover all worldwide assets, registered in both Spain and the UK.”

This way you avoid any possible future conflict between the validity of either Will and it makes life easier for the beneficiaries if there is one sole document registered in both countries.

Also, this way, for example, if in years to come you purchase a holiday home in Florida, you won’t have to make a third Will.

One sole document for your future worldwide assets is peace of mind for those inheriting.

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C.C.Europeo, Local 168, Carretera Teulada, Moraira

+(34) 96 561 5061

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