The real estate sector in Marbella is experiencing an unprecedented growth in the last recent months, since a semblance of normality has returned to travelling and the ability to work under less restrictive conditions, coupled with an increased demand from buyers from Ukraine and neighboring countries such as Poland, given the unfortunate and unforgivable situation caused by the conflict in the region.

Through Covid in particular, buyers have come to the realization that they no longer need to be chained to their office desks and chairs, with many deciding to now run their businesses from home, and many deciding to go one step further, and make their home here is Spain.

This has undoubtedly been one of the main catalysts on the Costa del Sol of sales of older properties in prime locations, with the sole intention of being fully refurbished, , to bring them up to modern building specification standards, as well as interior design and architectural trends…. or even demolished to make place for a new villa altogether. This trend is particularly prevalent in areas such as Sierra Blanca and on the Golden Mile between Marbella town center and Puerto Banus, where new plots of land to develop new villas and apartments, are albeit nigh on impossible to find today.

Beachside properties are especially sought after, and a location such as Oasis Club is a prime example of how this privileged location can be made even more appealing to a buyer, by offering a glimpse of what a property could like following a refurbishment, for those buyers who have a problem not being able to see past the current state of the house. In collaboration with the design studio of Inhabit, Pure Living Properties intends to offer this beachside townhouse to prospective buyers as a project that they can take on themselves.

Open House Oasis Agents

Tomorrow 2nd June a presentation of the property at Oasis club will take place inviting all the real estate agents to share with their potential clients and understand themselves through the vision of Inhabit, how the property would look.

Renders presented are so realistic that they are impossible to distinguish from the real photos.

We invite you to find out more on their social media sites, where they will be promoting the project all morning.
Tim Waller (specialist property consultant)

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