CALAHONDA’S newest bar has opened and it offers a right royal welcome to all customers.

Step through the door and a warm Scottish greeting awaits.

Landlord Connor McGregor is proud of his roots – and his clan- which is why he has called his business the Royal McGregor.

Originally from Elgin way up on the North East coast, he has brought a real taste of Scotland to El Zoco in Calahonda in the former premises of Fools.

Tastefully and comfortably re-decorated, the eye-catching tartan of the McGregor clan – most famous for being the ‘family’ of Rob Roy – adds a splash of royal colour to the premises.

And of course, Conor offers Tennents beer and a range of spirits to remind customers of home.

Royal Mcgregor Ad

The bar – which will be having a ‘Grand Opening’ on June 11 – shows live sports and offers snacks to customers.

It also features two terraces where people can take in the sun on the outside balcony or sit in the shade to escape the summer sun.

Although the Grand Opening is slated for later in June, the bar in fact opened on Saturday.

Conor said: “We are really pleased with how our first night went. Everyone had a good time and we are sure they will continue to do so.

“They know they will always get a Royal McGregor welcome here.”

Royal Mcgregor Outside
The Royal McGregor is already welcoming customers.
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