THE Policia Nacional have arrested eight men who operated a drugs ‘supermarket’ out of a squatted house in the centre of Valencia City.

All of the detainees have existing police records.

The gang-leader, 50, has also been charged with sexually assaulting female customers.

Police monitored the property and saw a stream of people entering and exiting within a short time.

Drug buyers were also allowed to exchange stolen property for cocaine and heroin.

The gang was well organised with members assigned to drum up customers or run security.

The police raid on the property rounded up eight people.

The crew leader jumped out of a window into an interior courtyard but was apprehended by officers.

Seized items included 26 bicycles; 4 electric scooters; and16 mobile phones in addition to 44 grams of drugs and €300 in cash.

Four of the detainees were found to be living illegally in Spain.


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