14 people of different nationalities have been arrested by the Policia Nacional in Benidorm for drug-dealing.

Officers raided the Playmon residential blocks on Avenida Portugal, which back in the 1970’s were regarded as a luxury complex.

Police Raid Benidorm
MORNING PLAYMON RAID(Policia Nacional image)

These days they are viewed as a Benidorm crime hotspot with many homes occupied by squatters.

One of those detained during the early morning operation was a doorman at one of the Playmon blocks.

He was apprehended before he could alert the drug dealers.

Six addresses were raided, and besides the arrests, small amounts of cocaine, hashish and marijuana were removed.

Police also visited a bar used as a sales outlet by one of those arrested.

Officers began surveillance operations on the drugs gang back in January.

Some of the squatted or rented homes had been joined together by knocking down walls to create drug dens for clients to consume products on site, rather than risking arrest outside.

Everybody that was arrested has been bailed by a Benidorm judge.

They cannot return to their squatted abodes as the front doors have been sealed by the police.


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