THE soaring cost of electricity is being blamed for an ice shortage across Spain as it suffers in the grip of the third heatwave of the summer.

Some supermarkets are rationing bags of ice to just two per customer as a demand outstrips supply.

Much of the ice sold during the summer comes from a stockpile built up during the first half of the year, but as energy prices soared with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, production stalled.

Then when an early heatwave hit in June, demand for ice shot up and supplies dwindled.  

“As it has not been possible to stabilize the costs to be able to sell the ice at the usual market price, the factories stopped production and it is now, in summer, when it is being noticed. The forecast is that in August there will be no ice,” Sergio del Moral, from the Tele Hielo distributor in Madrid, told La Vanguardia newspaper.

As a result the price of ice is also soaring and supermarkets are selling out. Some have been rationing sales by limiting purchases to two bags of ice per customer.

One tip to ensure you never run out is to produce your own ice in freezer trays at home and then store them up in a plastic bag for when you need large amounts if you’re planning a party.


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