POLICIA LOCAL of Aljaraque (Huelva) have been forced to smash a car window in order to save the life of a young toddler.

The incident took place on Saturday night, August 6, at 10:05pm when the emergency telephone number, 112, received a distressed call alerting that a two-year-old boy had become trapped inside a car after the central locking system had failed.

The policia local rapidly arrived at the scene of the incident where they found the child’s highly agitated parents next to a car, with the young boy trapped inside alone.

After assessing various options, and racing against time to prevent the child from overheating, the decision was made to smash one of the car windows.

The window opposite the child was successfully broken, without causing any injuries to the toddler who was finally reunited with his concerned parents.

It is believed that the central locking system of the vehicle had failed, causing moments of tension and distress for parents and child, which fortunately ended with nothing more than some shards of glass.


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