AROUND a dozen passengers on a train travelling through a wildfire zone in Castellon province of eastern Spain suffered  burns after they feared the carriage was about to be engulfed in flames and fled through a window

The train was travelling between Sagunto in the eastern province of Valencia, to Zaragoza in Aragon when the driver stopped as he saw flames approaching the track ahead.

Realising that it was too dangerous to continue, he was attempting to put the engine in reverse and turn back when panic broke out inside one of the carriages.

Fearing that the train was about to be consumed by the blaze, a number of passengers used the emergency hammer to break the glass and escaped through a window.

But once outside they were scorched by the flames and returned to the carriage to seek refuge.

 “Once they saw that they were surrounded by fire they got back on the train and several of them had suffered burns,” confirmed a statement from state rail company Renfe said.

Two people had to be airlifted to hospital to be treated for serious burns while more than a dozen others, including a ten-year-old girl were taken to local hospitals.

Video uploaded to social media showed passengers walking along the tracks as the enormous fire approached.

More than 1,000 people have been evacuated from towns as the blaze spread from Castellon province into Valencia province destroying an estimated 3,000 hectares by Wednesday morning.


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