LOCAL councils will get an €85,600 boost to fight violence against women in the Bay of Gibraltar, the Cadiz provincial government said in a statement.

The figure follows the Spanish national left-wing coalition’s plan against gendered violence that doubled its funding to over €613,000 for the area in 2021.

The latest funds would aim to ‘put together a network of support and struggle’ against ‘male violence’, the national government representative in Cadiz Jose Pacheco said

Some of the latest cash will go fund 24-hour help centres like Sistema VioGen and Atenpro.

These helplines will focus on helping survivors of male violence get over their trauma without the need for a police denuncia.

The funds allow for advisors to get training on gender violence, human right, intersectionality, sexual violence and trauma counselling.

Despite claims to the contrary, government figures state that 96% of domestic violence is committed by men.

Police revealed that a woman stabbed to death in Sevilla on August 16 in another case of male violence.

It was the eighth death from gender violence in 2022, after denuncias went up dramatically during the pandemic.

Gibraltar recently updated its laws to allow for tougher prosecution of male violence offenders.


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