A baby girl aged 15 months died in Villena on Sunday after choking on a nut.

The parents were with their child at her grandparents’ house for a family meal.

While they were having some appetisers, the baby picked up a nut and put it in her mouth.

She started to cough and showed immediate signings of choking.

Her parents rushed her in their car to the Villena health centre and she showed few vital signs when she was admitted.

Doctors spent 90 minutes trying to revive her without success.

The tragedy caused some family members to be treated for shock at the centre.

Choking is one of the greatest dangers facing young children resulting in a number of deaths each year.

The Spanish Society of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery has warned that the presence of foreign bodies in the respiratory tract of children can have serious consequences and lead to death.

They say special caution is needed with youngsters aged up to four years, but incidents can occur with children aged up to 12 years.


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