CHIEF Minister Fabian Picardo showed UK minister for Europe Leo Docherty around Gibraltar on Monday during his flying visit to the Rock.

Docherty, recently promoted to the post after Lizz Truss became Prime Minister on September 6, met with ministers and the Attorney General during his visit.

Picardo gave the UK minister a tour around the airport to explain how Schengen controls would work if a deal for an EU treaty becomes reality.

Talks between the UK, EU and Spain are running well into their second year.

Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Garcia then took Docherty to the frontier gates to show him how Gibraltar would adjust to a no-deal scenario.

Garcia talked about the plans for new e-gates and extended pedestrian entry points into Spain that would go ahead in the No Negotiated Outcome (NNO).

Later on, Docherty met with the Minister for Economic Development Sir Joe Bossano and the Minister of Digital and Financial Services, Albert Isola.

Gibraltar’s Chief Minister thanked Docherty for visiting the Rock.

“He is a great friend of Gibraltar and has been working closely with us on all aspects of the UK-EU Gibraltar negotiations,” Picardo added.

The minister was scheduled to leave on Tuesday.


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