A Valencia man accused of raping his mother-in-law has been arrested by the Policia Nacional after he was caught red-handed stealing from a van.

The 42-year-old Spaniard violently resisted arrest and pepper sprayed an officer.

The sexual assault happened on Saturday in the Abasos district of Valencia and a police complaint was filed.

The victim, in her mid-40’s, was checked over by a doctor who found arm injuries consistent with trying to resist an assailant.

A judge remanded the man into custody after learning he had 30 previous arrests and a pending warrant for drug trafficking and assault.

Plain-clothed officers spotted him at 2.15 am on Tuesday inside a parked van with a broken passenger window.

The criminal pepper sprayed one of them in the face and shouted that ‘I’m going to f—k you’ as he tried to escape.

The man was hard to subdue as he kicked both officers several times, who had to draft in reinforcements.

A variety of drugs including cocaine, hashish, and MDMA were found on him.


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