CYCLISTS will now be able to ride through Gibraltar without having to worry about overtaking cars putting them in danger thanks to a new government measure.

Minister for Transport Paul Balban published new legislation to fine cars who overtake cyclists with less than 1.5 metres space between them.

“These new regulations are designed to protect cyclists from indiscriminate and potentially dangerous overtaking which may lead to a serious collision,” the government said in a statement.

The move follows research on the biggest dangers for cyclists on Gibraltar roads.

One of the main problems with providing adequate cycle paths is that the Rock’s streets are so narrow.

This means that cyclists have to ride in the same lane as cars.

Car drivers tend to overtake cyclists even when another vehicle is riding in the opposite direction along the other side of the highway.

“This often results in cyclists being forced onto the right hand side of the road with very little space to ensure their safety,” the government concluded.

Balban said: “Dangerous overtaking is one of the most frequent causes of injury amongst cyclists in many countries.

“These new regulations aim to reduce the number of potential serious injuries amongst all road users.

“Cyclists are amongst the most vulnerable and it is therefore imperative that we protect cyclists and especially those most vulnerable who are children.”

Police will fine those who overtake cyclists in this way £300 under new fixed notice increases, effective immediately.


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